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1st Visit

καρδιολογος λαρισα

1st Visit

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The first visit, depending on the case, lasts from 40 to 90 minutes.

Upon entering the doctor’s private practice, the secretary welcomes the patient and immediately creates a new patient file, filling in all available information (personal information, medical history, previous examinations, medical notes from other doctors or hospitals, medication, etc.). The doctor’s office keeps all the files in electronic form.

The patient then enters the examination room, where he/she is welcomed by the doctor. After the initial acquaintance and as soon as the patient feels comfortable, the doctor receives the medical history in detail, with emphasis on the patient’s and their family’s cardiac medical history.

Immediately after that, the patient is getting prepared for the examination – in a specially designed room and under absolute privacy, the patient undresses from the waist up and sits on the examination bed.

The doctor performs the physical examination (inspection, auscultation, palpation) and checks the vital signs (blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, oxygen).

The patient then lies down, and an electrocardiogram or simple cardiogram (lasts 3 minutes) and an echocardiogram or Heart Triplex (lasts 15-30 minutes) take place.

At this point, the basic heart examination is usually completed.

If necessary, a stress test or a rhythm or blood pressure holter may be performed.

καρδιολογος 1η επισκεψη

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