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© Theodoros Xionis, Cardiologist

An electrocardiogram (cardiogram) is the most pivotal outpatient examination performed by the cardiologist and necessarily takes place at each visit, as a follow-up to the medical history and clinical examination. It is a cheap, fast and painless examination.

Special electrodes are placed on the patient’s body (four on the upper and lower extremities and six on the chest), which record the very low electrical potential generated by the activity of the heart. The received electrical signal is converted into a graph, which is imprinted on a special thermal paper.

An electrocardiogram gives information about the heart rhythm and potential arrhythmias, about hypertension, coronary heart disease and acute coronary syndromes, cardiomyopathies, pericarditis and other heart diseases.

Α valuable diagnostic tool in the hands of an experienced cardiologist!

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