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Clinical Examination

καρδιολογος λαρισα

Clinical Examination

© Theodoros Xionis, Cardiologist

Physical examination is the cornerstone of the patient’s diagnostic approach!

The doctor first makes a careful inspection – carefully observing the physical characteristics (to put it more scientifically, appearance and nutrition), any deformities or anatomical abnormalities, possible edemas (swelling), mobility and gait, speaking, the colour and quality of the skin, the blood supply of the mucous membranes, the pulse where it is visible – and tries to obtain all the useful information related to the patient’s state of health.

Then the doctor proceeds with the chest auscultation (lungs and heart). He monitors the breathing, the heartbeat, possible murmurs and any other pathological hearing findings.

Physical examination is completed by palpating the pulses in the neck, arms and legs.


θεοδωρος ξιωνης καρδιολογος

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